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ARC-TIC Iceland is an authentic watch brand designed for extreme sports and outdoors activities created by the same team that designs and manufactures the luxury brand JS Watch co. Reykjavik.


Contact Us and We will Contact you

ARC-TIC Iceland is an authentic watch brand designed for extreme sports and outdoors activities created by the same team that designs and manufactures the luxury brand JS Watch co. Reykjavik.


The only way to do great work, 
is to love what you do !

Our main focus is on the active outdoorsman and woman and today’s athlete, whose style conscious lifestyle demands not only design, but also rugged dependability. Our watches are waterproof, durable, reliable, comfortable, versatile and stylish and we only offer watches in the highest possible quality.

The weather conditions in Iceland and rugged landscape can be rather extreme which makes it an excellent place to test the ARC-TIC watches. So in case someone is gearing up for an adventure activity like mountaineering, biking and hiking or a sports activity like swimming, long distance running or any other field game, ARC-TIC Iceland watches can easily meet your expectations.

Our watches are designed in Iceland and we pick our parts manufacturers very carefully making sure they follow all production rules, standards and instructions both in regards of staff, environment and production procedures. We also make sure that our watches constantly go through a quality control process.

ARC-TIC Iceland isn’t exclusively for the outdoors, it is also practical for everyday wear as it i s stylish and comfortable and the fact that you don’t have to worry about rainy weather is just a bonus.
The brands identity is routed firmly in Iceland and named after the arctic circle that runs through Iceland with a small twist referring to the Tic Tac sound that a clock movement makes. ARC-TIC Iceland perfectly blends traditional watchmaking techniques with stylish design and high quality, at an affordable price. ARC-TIC Iceland products can be purchased through this website and from authorized exclusive retailers and distributors.

Life in Space !

As you might have noticed the model in many of our photos is an Astronaut and you might be wondering why ? Well it's because we had a clever idea of a Guerrilla Marketing before we launched the ARC-TIC Iceland brand in the summer of 2013. We managed to draw attention to the Astronaut from most of the local newspapers, TV news and bloggers in Iceland by having him show up every day for 2 weeks in different places around Reykjavik where he danced with tourists or took part in civilian protest amongst other things. Lot's of people started to follow the Astronauts Facebook page wondering who he was and why he was showing up in Iceland, we even made a YouTube video of him dancing around Reykjavik where lot's of people started dancing with him in the streets (you will find the video on our gallery page). We then ended the campaign with a countdown revealing who was wearing the space suit followed with the launch of the ARC-TIC brand. The original idea of using an Astronaut in our campaign was because of the similarity that the Icelandic landscape has to the Moon and due to the fact that Neil Armstrong and the other Astronauts from the Apollo space program who went to the Moon came to Iceland to train before they set foot on another world.

Sales Locations

Gilbert watchmaker
Laugavegur 62, 101 Reykjavik

Airport Fashion
Keflavík International Airport

Epal Harpa Concert Hall,
Austurbakka 2, 101 Reykjavík


Your Perfect Day shop 
Hilton Nordica Hotel, Reykjavik

Your Perfect Day shop 
Natura Hotel, Reykjavik

Meba / Rhodium
Kringlan Mall, 103 Reykjavik

Meba / Rhodium  
Smaralind shopping center, 201 Kopavogur

Guðmundur Hannah 
Suðurgötu 65, 300 Akranesi

Karl Úrsmiður 
Austurvegi 11, 800 Selfossi

Bankastræti 6, 101 Reykjavik

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