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ARC-TIC Iceland is an authentic watch brand designed for extreme sports and outdoors activities created by the same team that designs and manufactures the luxury brand JS Watch co. Reykjavik.

Arctic Out in the wild

Meet some of the ARC-TIC brand ambassaodors sharing their experiences and enjoyment of the outdoors with us. 

We will continue to update this site and expand its content as we receive more photos from active ARC-TIC friends. If you have any photos to share, feel free to contact us and we will post them on our website.

Climbing in Chamonix / Mont Blanc / French Alps

Advanced Shelter test climbs with Lukas and Sigurdur Soleyjarson

Aiguille du Midi/"The Siberian nomadic Nenets refuse all gifts that they cannot carry." - Concept of the essential

 Massif du Mont-Blanc - French Alps/They looked spooked and very uncertain about what they were getting into.

 Chamonix/"I am most entertained by those actions which give me a light into the nature of man." - Daniel Defoe

French Alps/Are these delightful moments to live in thoughtlessly or the golden moments of a final sunset? 

 Massif du Mont-Blanc - French Alps/A mountaineer is a stoic who endures pain and hardship without complaint.

Massif du Mont-Blanc - French Alps/"The only goal is in the process." - Jeff Buckley

Massif du Mont-Blanc - French Alps/"A tumultuous life pleases great minds for it keeps feelings astir and action continuous."  - Pascal

Aiguille du Midi/Kōan:  If a man speaks his mind on a mountain and no woman hears him, is he still wrong?

Roam the earth, west to east and then north to south.

Massif du Mont-Blanc - French Alps/"A man is what he wills himself to be." - Sartre

Massif du Mont-Blanc - French Alps/The urge to venture into the wild is itself a drive from the heart, which explains why mountaineers are often fanatics.

Massif du Mont-Blanc - French Alps/While hearing Mozart it is often hard to know whether the music is merry or sad, much the same can be said about mountaineering. 

Vallée Blanche/Some value books above rations.

Vallée Blanche/"Never sit your life out at a desk.  Ulcers and heart condition follow."  - Ancient folk wisdom

Massif du Mont-Blanc - French Alps/What really matters in mountaineering is what people are like when they are exhausted.

French Alps/ "The world is threatened by peace and quiet.  I love the storm and dread it when the wind calms." - Christina of Sweden

 French Alps/ "This might come as a surprise but it is unhealthy to live in cities." - forgotten source

Above Chamonix/Savage country.

French Alps/"Where we're going we don't need roads." - Back to the Future

 "I'm worth a million in prizes." - Iggy Pop

 Massif du Mont-Blanc - French Alps/You keep pushing and ask questions later.

 Refuge des Cosmiques/The sailors' economical use of space.

Unseen hazards require split second decisions.

 Chamonix/These eyes tell a story of a man who refuses to fall in with the flow of any crowd.

Aiguille du Midi/A man lives a very long time indeed.  The only other creature that has his longevity are certain trees and large turtles.

 Massif du Mont-Blanc - French Alps/In wilderness one develops a feel for what matters and for what does not.

French Alps/A place which most people don't get access to.

Vallée Blanche/"No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle." - Churchill

Massif du Mont-Blanc - French Alps/Simultaneously on the edge and completely at ease with himself.

Massif du Mont-Blanc - French Alps/A good mountaineer reveals himself in the way he gears up for summit day.  Every strap is the perfect length, every tool is expertly placed and everything fits.

Vallée Blanche/Life is pure there and simple, stripped to the essence.

 French Alps/Vast, big and rich and raw.

Massif du Mont-Blanc - French Alps/The name Baroque comes from the Portuguese barocco - which designates a pearl of irregular shape.

Vallée Blanche/"If in doubt, get out of doubt." - traditional mountaineering wisdom

 Massif du Mont-Blanc - French Alps/Up there we felt no boundaries.

Massif du Mont-Blanc - French Alps/Every so often, life presents a great moment of decision, an intersection at which a man must decide to stop or go; a mountaineer lives for these moments.


Massif du Mont-Blanc - French Alps/Beard: the sine qua non for the backcountry man.

Arctic Fishing in Iceland !

Here are some great photos from Arctic Iceland ambassadors Gudmundur Ingi and Nils Folmer Jörgensen

Diving around the world

 Aron Daniel Arngrimsson and Finni Finnbjörnsson sent us these great photos from their adventures.

Arctic Out in the Wild

Friend of the brand and world traveller Ben Corwin sent us these adventurus photos from his travels.